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From the very beginning of my professional career, it has been my mission to determine what is at the "root cause" of one’s presenting problems for those seeking my services, essentially to feel better, solve problems, make changes or improvements, from whatever is causing discomfort or conflict. I began as a licensed, occupational therapist, then soon after added a masters degree in clinical social work. This allowed me to delve deeper into the multi faceted factors, contributing to a broader perspective of clinical evaluation and care. Over the many years, I have committed to acquiring various specialized modalities to my skill set, which include sensory integration, family and couples therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma and rapid resolution therapy, clinical hypnosis, past life regression, hypnosis, emotional freedom technique (EFT), and my current favorite is the Havening touch technique. I am also a certified brain coach with the Amen Clinics for more than five years.  In recent years, I have expanded my practice to include intuitive readings and "heart centered" psychic mediumship within a therapeutic context for those interested to explore in this area.


I approach my work with deep care and respect, drawing upon my extensive experience, skills, and talents to go to the root cause of issues as best as possible, while providing support and guidance for those individuals who are seeking a greater awareness and a transformative change in their lives.

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I am originally from Philadelphia and was raised in South Jersey. I pursued my bachelors in occupational therapy at Boston University and later earned a masters degree in social work from the Catholic University of America, and Washington DC. I was duly licensed in these two professions for 27 years, and have continued on maintaining my LCSW for almost 40 years of clinical practice.

As a long time Sarasota resident, I've been extremely fortunate in cultivating valuable professional relationships in the community and wonderful friendships, enjoying all that this area has to offer! I am dedicated to a path of lifelong learning and growth, and have deep appreciation for the mentors in my life, and hope that I may inspire others in their journey of self discovery and a life well-lived!

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