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Marilyn is a one in a million find.

 In the time that I have worked with her, I can say hands down that my life has changed. I have grown in every area of my life (spiritually, in my own work, as a parent, my health, the list goes on). Marilyn is somehow able to effortlessly integrate impeccable wisdom, guidance and compassion while also not putting up with stagnation - she'll filter through the layers and identify exactly what work needs to be done, every session with her feels like progress. She offers an intuitive approach as well, which I have found to bring me big shifts in places that I had been stuck for a long time. Im not sure there's a therapist out there like Marilyn, a true gift to this world.


Marilyn Pearlman is an exceptional therapist.

She has helped me through some very challenging times, and had also helped me thrive in quiet and happy periods of my life. 

Her commitment to my mental health and well-being has been extraordinary. She is insightful and intuitive, and often knows how to help me figure out what I need when I can't see it clearly. I believe that professionally, and personally, I may not have achieved much of my growth, success, peace, and happiness without Marilyn. 

She helps me thrive, motivates me, and nourishes my mind and soul. I highly recommend her services if you are lucky enough to be able to meet her.


Exceptional Therapist... a light in the darkness.

Marilyn Pearlman, on a scale of 1 to 10, is a 12! Exceptional therapist... helping me to connect with my feelings, emotions, and reality. She has shown me that I'm here to embrace the human experience, to absorb its lessons and foster my personal growth.

I view myself as the lead actor in my life's journey, where both joys and sorrows play their vital roles. It's through facing discomfort and challenges that I've learned the significance of stepping out of my comfort zone, with guidance from my therapist, Marilyn.

I believe every twist and turn in life serves a greater purpose. As I reflect on my path, I see myself contributing to a much larger, interconnected picture. My role is unique, and my journey is essential. I have purpose. Thank you Marilyn, for turning on the light, and helping to clear the clutter away.


Marilyn creates an environment that is open, honest, trusting, and safe.

Marilyn has played the many roles of therapist, teacher, and guide in my life and she has always made me feel like a friend and colleague. Through her multimodal approach to healing consisting of energy work, intuitive guidance, and her years of clinical experience, Marilyn continues to help me with the deeper work, the "hard stuff" that I wasn't capable of doing on my own. With each appointment, whether in person or virtual, she creates an environment that is open, honest, trusting, and safe.


She's an angel.

Marilyn has helped me through some of my toughest times, especially when I hit a low during the pandemic. Her calming nature is so comforting to be around, and really helped me to relax and open myself up. We cleared up a lot of emotions regarding past childhood trauma, which ultimately helped me make the changes I needed in life to become who I am today.

I don't think I could've taken the steps needed had I not had Marilyn's full support at those crucial moments, reassuring me and coaching me through the tough moments when I would second guess myself and my worth. 

I'm so thankful I had the pleasure of meeting Marilyn back in 2011. I left for college and we separated for 7 years or so, but she was there for me when I needed her again, and I'm very grateful for that! You can't do wrong by choosing Marilyn to be your provider. She is patient, compassionate, trustworthy, and most importantly, kind hearted.



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