Fruitville Business Park
3293 Fruitville Road, Suite 104
Sarasota, FL 34237
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Practice Location

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Directions to Office: Heading East on Fruitville Road

  • Approach Lockwood Ridge Road in the left lane.

  • Go past the stoplight at Lockwood Ridge Road.

  • Enter the first left turn lane immediately after the stoplight.

  • Do a U-turn at Bailey Road, staying in the right lane.

  • The parking lot entrance is right, immediately past The Shore Church complex.

Directions to Office: Heading West on Fruitville Road

  • Approach Beneva Road in the right hand lane.

  • Go past the stoplight at Beneva Road.

  • Bailey Road is the last street before approaching the office.

  • The parking lot entrance is right, immediately past The Shore Church complex.


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