"Marilyn was/is so helpful in helping my husband and I deal with our relationship/family/individual struggles and she was super quick to pin point the issues and just as fast was able to provide solutions. Highly recommend!!"


     "I have seen Marilyn, four or five times a year, for several years. Locally, she has a well known and trusted professional. I have found her to be unbelievably insightful. My personal growth has been amazing, without her assistance, the progress I have made would have taken many years to achieve on my own! If you have preconceived ideas of what therapy is, get ready to learn that it can be an interesting, fun and rewarding experience!!! I always look forward to seeing Marilyn!!!"                                                                    


     "I wish I could say goodbye in person as we are getting ready to move. You've helped me get my "soul" back. Plus, you are so damned funny. You are my earthly angel, for sure!"


     "You have been my guidance in helping me see my inner strength. I know I'm not the easiest person to help keep moving forward. I will always be grateful for your professionalism and friendship through the years. You are one of those special, rare people that are so few in this world that can support me when I cry, when I laugh, and bring a smile to my face when I finally "get it"!"


     "For years I fought issues with alchohol. I never considered myself a "raging" alcoholic, but I knew deep down that alcohol was keeping me from my true potential. Due to Marilyn's unique ability to connect and make me comfortable, I was able to be completely honest and expose my most difficult secrets. Together we tackled my alcohol dependence head on and, after just 2 visits, I can truthfully say alchohol is no longer part of my life. I benefitted from her use of Rapid Resolution Therapy techniques, which I can attest to its immediate effectiveness."



     "I always think about how much of a transformation you made for me in such difficult times. I am beyond thankful for all the information and tools you provided for me for this crazy journey we call life."      



     “Marilyn is brilliant at what she does. She has a way of getting right to the core of what I need to work on, and she answers my questions before I even ask them. I’ve never met someone so intuitive! From the moment I walked into her office, she made me feel right at home and had me laughing. She is fun, funny, and full of life, which makes being in her company an absolute pleasure. Marilyn has helped me gain a better understanding of myself and has given me invaluable tools for reaching my full potential. I’m so grateful to her!”      



     “I have collaborated with Marilyn in the treatment of a variety of cases. She is consistent in her professionalism and dedication, which in turn translates into positive outcomes. She offers a great deal of experience and is very thorough and accurate in the assessment and treatment of clinical problems involving adults, children, and families. She is one of my most highly regarded therapists.”

Jaime Barker, MD (Psychiatrist)
     "I feel like I had a lot of growth this past year and so many things you have taught me over the years are clicking and connecting with the work and self care I am exploring these days. So grateful to you for introducing and teaching me a new perspective."
“Thank you so much for seeing me today. It never fails, when I have the chance to talk to you, I leave feeling grounded and I find joy!!”  

     "Marilyn has a special way of breaking down barriers that people like to put up. She is so warm and inviting, there is never an uncomfortable moment. She will push you to succeed and advance with your life’s conquests. I have been seeing Marilyn through many ups and downs, and she has helped me get through every single one of them. Getting a new outlook on life and your own independence is so refreshing and that is what Marilyn has done for me. It is always a pleasure in her office! Finding her in my time of need was such a gift, not only for me, but my entire family."

     "When I look back on the past year since I first stepped in to Marilyn's office, I can hardly recognize the person I was. I came to her lost, off-kilter, unconscious, and disconnected to my truth. Marilyn is honest, she is wise, but most importantly she has a way of helping you acknowledge and follow the truth within yourself. I cannot describe the level of clarity, peace, confidence, stability, and joy that I feel in every area of my life. Thank you Marilyn!"


    “Marilyn and I have built a strong professional relationship, bridging our respective skills in acupuncture and psychotherapy. In our collaboration we have helped many people heal from such problems as addiction, depression, anxiety, and grief, and have successfully treated a variety of women's health issues and children's behavioral difficulties. Marilyn's open-mindedness and respect for all healing modalities is one of her great assets.”    
Hui Luo, AP, PhD (Acupuncture Physician)
     “Love the way she gets right to the point and provides viable steps to move forward. She is well connected in the community and always willing to share her fountain of information to help patients find the resources they are in need of."

     “I have known Marilyn now for over 5 years both personally and professionally. She has been my go-to resource for working with students and their families who need outside counseling help. Marilyn makes my job easier because she’s an effective communicator, she always finds time to speak with families I refer to her, she has a wealth of experience, and most importantly, she truly cares about helping children and families overcome their obstacles to a fuller life. What I also appreciate is her honest approach to counseling.  I highly recommend taking the time to speak with Marilyn as she does have an incredible gift for helping people of all ages.”

Mike Mapes (School Counselor, Sarasota School of Arts & Sciences)

       “I’ve suffered from serious mental illness and struggled with substance abuse for most of my life.  In a short period of time, I’ve already experienced an enormous sense of relief and am the happiest I’ve ever been. Marilyn is a solid professional with a benevolent and compassionate style that I trust and puts me at ease with my fears, helping me to heal and find healthier directions. Her skillful, therapeutic talents are complemented by her intuitive, restorative gifts. I am truly grateful she is in my life.”


   “Marilyn Pearlman is an amazing and gifted therapist. It was immediately apparent that she had remarkable insights and could understand dynamics of relationships and communication far above any therapist that I have ever known. She quickly can assess clients' needs and issues to propose an action plan. Marilyn instinctively collaborates with me,  producing the most effective, powerful, and supportive treatment for our mutual clients. All clients I have referred, including my closest friends and family, had positive experiences and highly successful outcomes. Her clients love her.”  
Rebecca Kloss, MN, RD, MPT (Nutritionist, Dietician, Physical Therapist)
       “Marilyn's skills and talents as a psychotherapist have helped me to view my relationships and my life history in a different light. As a result there is a new sense of calm that I experience, and I am open to possibilities for myself that I never could even consider before. I view that our meeting was not just a 'referral' but a gift.”    
     “I'm so fortunate to have met Marilyn. After my son was born I was overwhelmed. Marilyn helped me get my old self back, or actually more like get a 'new and improved' me. I love her direct and honest approach—there's no beating around the bush with Marilyn. She has helped me put things in perspective and bring balance to our family life. She referred me to wonderful reading materials about well-being and nutrition. She recommended other professionals for my holistic treatment. She is insightful and positive and always makes me feel welcome. I highly recommend her to anyone.”
     “Marilyn has been an invaluable guide and even sanctuary for patients and their families in turmoil. She has inculcated in students of all ages struggling with attention deficit disorder the organizational skills necessary to succeed, and has taught parents overwhelmed by their hyperactive or emotionally out-of-control children consistent behavior modification strategies necessary for a happy family life.”
Steven Portman, MD (Neurologist)
     “Marilyn Pearlman has a depth of knowledge and professionalism that I highly respect and appreciate. She is a unique health care provider who draws from various disciplines with great knowledge and expertise. She is a true patient advocate whose insightful abilities and dedication result in positive, lifelong changes in behavior and personal well-being. Thank you for all you do.”
June Blaustein, MS (Speech-Language Pathologist)
     “I was referred to Marilyn during a very difficult time in my life. From my very first meeting, I was able to open up with honesty and frankness, never feeling judged or intimidated. It has always been difficult for me to reveal intimate experiences in my life that have caused me pain, guilt, and self doubt. Marilyn always listens at a very deep level and reflects things to me that I need to hear (not just what I would like to hear) and finds solutions for my problems. In this last year, she has helped me to accept, love, and value myself.”    
     “Marilyn has the most amazing gift for recognizing and treating children's issues. Her holistic approach enables her to work with children and families at a much deeper level. She is the first person I turn to at a deep and comprehensive level when I have questions or concerns about a child's development. I have full trust in her insight, knowledge, and experience.”
Kitty Bravo (Educational Director, Center for Guided Montessori Studies)
     “Marilyn is a wise therapist everyone needs for guidance through life's challenging times. She has listened intently and helped me to achieve new insights at a level I could not have reached on my own. I have learned new communication skills, which have affected many of my important relationships. Her knowledge, experience, and intuition have helped me to reflect and grow in ways vital to my current success and find contentment with evolving changes.”  
     “Marilyn has gone 'above and beyond' in helping my family through the divorce process. She has always acted professionally and with the most integrity, love, and caring that any therapist has ever offered to my children and me. I personally have grown to be the best person I can be directly because of Marilyn's assistance. The divorce process is a stressful time, and Marilyn has walked my boys and me through each step of the process.” 
     “My vices are under some control, my awareness growing each day, my sense of purpose to keep on growing is now stronger than ever before.  I'm confident that bigger and better things are flowing to me. You are a huge ally and an important piece of my puzzle. What you do and the way in which you go about your work is so very special. During my life, I've seeked this kind of help before but you are truly the very best at what you do. There is something so down to earth, joyful, therapeutically wise and caring about your spirit and practice. 
      "She gets right to the point, which was initially disconcerting because I was used to the idea that with therapy you had to take the time to tell the whole story. But she was dead on about what the issues were and no time was wasted putting into practice; ideas, visions, truths, etc that were needed to put my family and teenagers on a path to a healthy future. She is very educated, informed and has the ability to communicate in a common sense manner to us and has made our family whole again."
     "Marilyn is an awesome therapist. I've never met anyone that listens the way she does...not to your words, but to the meaning behind them. She always remembers what you have said, even if it seems inconsequential. She also employs a variety of unique therapies that are geared to you... everyone needs something different. She goes above and beyond to meet your needs and your specific goals and works to find solutions that will work for you. She is great!!"
    "Your instincts, intuition, straightforwardness, and goodwill are unlike anything I've ever experienced in my life! Thank you for helping me."

Office Location: 3293 Fruitville Road, Suite 104, Sarasota, FL 34237